Jayna, K.

Thank you so much !!! I loved my session.

It was very helpful & validating .

Emily, T.

I was a skeptic going into my reading. Now I'm a believer ! I'm happy to know my dad is at peace & watching over me.

Robin M.

I don't give referrals lightly, but I cannot shake my own experience with you & have been singing your praises whenever I get the chance !

Stefanie R.

This was my first time seeing a medium. I can't describe how detailed Courtney was with the reading, it was mind blowing ! 

I had a card reading with Courtney it was great! And accurate and she followed up with me after and I will continue to be contacting her for card readings and in near future I will be visiting her for a mediumship reading as well! Very very happy with her service and it was just what I needed!.

Tanya D.

I've had an oracle card session & mediumship reading with Courtney. She's truly gifted !The information she gave me was accurate & helped me make the decision I'd been putting off for a long time.

Candace A.

Andrea C.

This lady right here is the real deal... I had an amazing reading with Courtney. She told me things & they were all true, she just amazed me ! I'll definitely be going back to see her !

Christel W.

I had such a fantastic experience with Courtney.  She's so easy to talk to & really wants your time with her to be rewarding & productive.  I'll be back ! Thank you so much Courtney !!!

Stephanie T.

A loved one came through & everything was bang on, I was getting tears. Got a weird sensation in my body almost like a chill just as Courtney told me he was standing beside me with his arm around me. So happy with my reading. I'll definitely be going back. Thanks so much Courtney !

Kim R.

Thank you so much!   The message you gave me was exactly what I needed. 

Taylor S.

My card reading was great and super informative. Thank you so much! 

Nicole M.

I went into my reading hoping for guidance from Spirit. I learned some of the thoughts & feelings I have been getting are from Spirit ! I feel so much peace knowing this isn't all in my head. Thank you !

Kristi M.

Kristi M.

Thank you so much! I feel so much better now that I got to hear from my Papa! You connect on a level that is so special and real. I will be coming back again and again. Courtney is really a wonderful individual and I highly recommend seeing her, she will change your life!

Thank you so much for my reading ! After my reading when I turned my car on, the song that was on " everything is going to be alright ".

Totally makes sense !

I just want to say thank you again for the reading we had tonight. You are very gifted & I am so happy we were able to connect. Your gift is amazing !

Shauneen K.

Gina  C.

Kandace L.

One of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. Courtney's readying room is very calming and relaxing. She is very easy to talk to and feel very comfortable with her right away. I am one of four that went as a group and we all felt the same. We had loved ones come through and so many things that were 100% accurate. We left very happy and feeling that the messages were clear. I highly recommend her!! Thank you again Courtney, I am looking forward to my next reading with you.

Courtney is 100% THE REAL DEAL!

It was an honour to sit in on my Mom's reading. She received the closure she needed after she lost her husband just under 2 years ago. Huge thanks to Courtney for her special gift and wisdom. I cannot wait for my personal reading - it is like a massage, therapy session and spiritual awakening all wrapped up in one. Do not hesitate to book your own reading - the experience is life changing.

My first time going to a psychic medium. She is super friendly and very clear of what could happen and what not to expect. If you want a great psychic medium experience, Courtney is the one for you. Anyone interested should go with an open mind. I will definately recommend her to everyone who wants to try and will be seeing her again. Thank You Courtney for sharing your gift and helping others get their messages.

Jaclyn V.

Nikita H.

Stefanie M.

I wanted to thank you for my reading. My mom was able to validate the names that came through during my session. Yesterday was my nana's birthday, so no surprise she came through so strongly. Again, thank you for providing such a beautiful gateway for my family and I. I appreciate it more than you know.

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for the reading today. We really appreciate your time and special gift. 

It was a pleasure meeting you. You're such a lovely person with a warm heart and you give off so much positive energy. I was so refreshed and calm and confident after our session ! Thank you so much Courtney !

Brad  B.

Ana D.

Lindsay J.

Thanks for your reading.

You were spot on with many things. Truly amazing!

I want to express my gratitude for the quality of my experience with you this evening.You brought me a large step closer to my father.Thanks for some very good guidance

Again from the bottom of my heart I cant thank you enough Courtney, really it's so mindblowing the experience that I had thanks to you. I actually cant wait until I come back lol cuz I know I'm def going to but I want to let u know how much I appreciate this I was waiting for this with my mom. I'm so happy our paths crossed because you are a beautiful soul and I can see how the spirits are drawn to you.

Bill I.

Desiree B.

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