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I first learned about psychic protection when I started studying spirituality. I learned that before conducting any spiritual work I would need to invoke an energy of protection to keep me safe and guarded, especially if I was working with others through any challenges. But truth be told, I also brought this psychic protection to my daily life – especially If I felt a conversation was draining (usually I would remember at the last minute and I’d end up drained anyway).

I was often putting on psychic protection (by visualising myself in a bubble of light) and still ending up drained. It puzzled me. It made me upset, frustrated and annoyed. I decided to drop into meditation and ask spirit for the answer.


I was told loud and clear that most of the time I (and many others) ask for or invoke psychic protection far too late and usually cling wrap the lower energy in. So imagine this to help you...You’ve met a long-time colleague for lunch and during the meal they spill the beans on how challenging their life is at this time. During the conversation you find yourself getting tired, drained and overwhelmed by the ‘negative’ energy. The energy is attaching itself to you and then, when you invoke an energy of protection, you’re protecting you and the energy connected to you (i.e the wonky vibes) and essentially locking it in like you’ve cling wrapped it to you.


Here’s a 3 step process to psychic protection and creating an armour of light that ACTUALLY works. It was created by Kyle Gray and this process based on a daily skin routine. The cleanser gets rid of all the muck and grime, the toner firms up the skin, and the moisturiser locks in all of the goodness. You can do exactly the same with your energy.


In order to safely protect your energy – you need to cleanse it completely of any left-over energy that is not serving you. You can remove anything that’s hooked on or attached to you from a challenging conversation, place or person.

How to cleanse:

i) Visualisation: You can imagine sacred fire energy burning away any energy that’s attached to you against your will. Imagine that the fire, coming from mother earth, is burning from your energy anything that is not yours. As the fire touches the fear based energy it will transmute and transform it from fear to love. 

ii) Angels & St. Michael: You can ask Archangel Michael and/or the Angels to cut the cords of energy that hold you back or are attached to your energy field in prayer:

“Thank you Angels & Archangel Michael, for cutting the cords that bind me to people, places, energy, situations and any other stuff I no longer need. It feels so good to know you are here. I am safe and free!”


Toning is all about firming up the goodness that is already there. When it comes to toning your energy it’s about focusing on an aspect of your present positivity or harnessing a blessing or choosing to remember your current state of goodness. This ignites the warrior energy within.

How to tone:

Claim your wholeness by declaring that you are completely in control of your body because it’s the vehicle of your soul. You can say this in your own words but make sure you are speaking in present tense and REALLY putting your foot down. Let the Universe and your guides bear witness to the incredible inner-strength that you were born with.

My favourite declaration is powerful, effective and simple:


When I say “love is here” I tap my heart three times so I can feel a physical response to what I really know and trust deep within.

3. Moisturize

When you are moisturising your energy – you are essentially putting on that safeguard coating that you know is going to lock in the goodness. This is the step that everyone knows from various books and healing modality trainings, but this step will not be as effective unless the previous steps have been taken.

TOP TIP: When doing any light armour work – make sure that the protective light you create goes wider than just your body. I recommend it going 10-20 feet in each direction – really bring that into your vision and intention.

How to Moisturise:

i) Declaration: You can declare that there is an armour of the holiest light surrounding your whole entire body and being extending in 20 feet in each direction. (I think when I say this I say 14 feet – I have no idea why but it rolls off my tongue)

ii) Visualisation: Imagine a cloak of light swirling all over your whole body (colour of your choice) or imagine yourself in incredible armour from head to toe.

iii) Ask your guides: Call on your guides and thank them for protecting you and the energy that surrounds you 20 feet in each direction.

And that’s the best way to keep your energy strong and clear.

WARRIOR TIP: I often still forget to do this process and find myself in situations that feel draining. What I do is politely say, “Can you please excuse me for a moment, I really need to go to the bathroom” and off to the bathroom I go. Locking myself in the stall I’ll then do my 3 step Protection Process and go back feeling safe and energised.

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