How to use: White light Psychic Protection Shield

Wondering how to use white light spiritually? This article goes over white light protection, and it includes a white light protection visualization below.

Have you ever wished you had a bubble to protect yourself from energy? Or from someone overly emotional? To avoid absorbing things around you?

As humans, we are porous beings, and we can absorb the energy around us. However, there are ways to get around it.

You can call upon non-physical energy for assistance in guarding your energy field against low vibrational thoughts, feelings, and emotions and stay in a high vibrational place, only by remembering that you are the light by taking a few moments to visualize it.

I like to use white light protection techniques at large events where there will be lots of people present.

Town fairs, hockey games, family gatherings, and flea markets are all great examples of perfect times to boost up your energy field, so you have both a better time, but so that you're also at your optimal state of attraction to draw in what you do want.

What is white light protection?

Technically, white light protection is a light shield or a light bubble that is a protective layer that covers your entire aura.

Once placed, this energetic layer rests on the outside of your aura boundary.

A white energetic light shield can:

~ Boost your vibration, providing some extra energy care

~ Fortify your energy from lower energy sources

~ Prevent foreign energy from getting into your energy space, so it can be great when focusing in on creative projects you want to keep pure

~ Exclude certain types of energy from getting to you

Using energy shields are a psychic hygiene technique perfect when you're going through life transitions or actively in the process of changing your point of attraction.

Light shields are permeable, which means that you may still observe and witness what you are actively buffering up to avoid absorbing. Still, they will keep your energy at or above the vibration of energy where you currently are.

White Light Spiritual Meaning & Significance

White light is the most robust protection light out there. White light not only blocks out all lower energies from interacting with your aura, but it also blocks out all energy from interacting with your aura.

It also blocks you from picking up accurate intuitive information beyond the shield, and it filters intuitive information you cannot heal.

By using white light, you are prevented from absorbing any energy.

White light is hugely helpful in preventing negative energy from entering your energy field and affecting your energetic, emotional, and physical state. White energy is one of the purest forms of energy there is. In science, white light represents the totality of all energy colors.

In metaphysics, white represents the upper chakras, symbolizing a very high spiritual vibration.

White light shields and energy bubbles are often preferred when we don't know what energies we're going to be dealing with, but we know that we want to be at the highest state of energy possible.

White light energy wraps are protecting and purifying. They're most similar to Golden energy wraps, which tend to be more healing.

White light shields are beneficial because they:

~ Protect your energy from intrusion by lower or unwanted interactions by preventing anything less than pure light and love from entering your space

~ Strengthen your own energetic field, using one regularly repairs the everyday dings and nicks we get as holes in the aura

~ Make you feel better by lifting your energetic vibration

~ Change your point of attraction to connect you with others interested in pure energy vibration and expansion

~ White light shields are best applied before you enter into a situation where you may need protection from people, emotions, or energy.

If you forget to apply the energy shield before, you can always employ an energy shield as soon as you remember.

How To Apply A White Light Shield

You can use the techniques below to apply any colored energy field. We are explicitly focusing on white in this article, but you can also use the exercise below to infuse purple light or yellow light, two intuitive colors, into your aura as well.

When you apply a White Light Shield, be prepared that previous thought-forms or ideas not manifest and not serving, may completely dissolve.

Visualization is all based on brain (energetic) power - so you simply apply a light shield by imagining one. Let’s start below.

4 steps to wrap yourself in white light energy

step 1. sit with your feet firmly planted on the floor

Ground yourself by putting your feet on the ground or imagining tree roots coming from your feet.

You may even want to repeat the mantra, I Am Light, a few times to prime your body and get ready to bring white light in.

step 2. relax your physical body

Place your palms up on your lap, roll your shoulders back, and close your eyes.

Relax your body and put your body parts in the most receptive places available to you. You may roll your shoulders or your ankles, you may sway from side to side. Just relax your physical body.

step 3. take 3-deep breaths

Taking three long deep breaths is the minimum needed to assist your mind-body to go from physical, outward-focused to inward, visualization focused.

Once you feel centered and ground, now it's time to visualize.

step 4. white light wrap visualization

The visualization begins below:

Imagine that as you inhale, you are breathing in a swirl of white light that is all around you.

As you exhale, this swirl of light wraps around your body, it falls and begins to settle down by your feet.

Each time you inhale, imagine swirling light coming in. Each time you exhale, imagine the swirling light gently falling to your seat, between your hips, as white snowflakes all around you.

After a few inhalations and exhalations, imagine the clouds of the sky parting above you.

Then imagine a stream of light revealing itself, traveling through the sky to meet the top of your head. As you notice this light, this stream of light now meets the crown of your head. This light is the source of your protective shield.

How thick is this stream of light? Covering a mile of the skyline, or peaking through the clouds like a flashlight?

Watch the color of this stream of light change now, to become a glittery white and watch as it beams and wraps all around your body, forming an egg shape.

Now, draw your attention to your crown, where the Spiritual Light touches and begins to meet your body.

Notice this light draping over you and around you, like a cloak.

Imagine this color completely coating you from the top of your crown, along the curves on the sides of your energetic boundary, and enveloping the energy boundary underneath your feet.

Make it thicker over your heart area and scan yourself clairvoyantly and see where your white light boundary is more abundant in parts.

When you’re ready, open your eyes.

Feel this shield and notice any differences. If the energy of this shield starts to penetrate your aura, allow it to soak in, embrace your healing light, as you too may need its properties.

congratulations! you are now protected with white light.

Just as in any psychic protection technique, the benefit of a single application light shield will fade over time, and you will need to reapply this protective layer.

Use this technique if you feel you're pulling on someone else's energy field or if you think they are drawing on yours. Applying a white light energy wrap can be great for boundaries and recreating them.

By continually using White Light Shields, your life may turn an entirely new direction since it can change your point of attraction.

Psychic work can change things physically, and it clears the energy, so if you notice any relationships different when you try this exercise or that you're attracting differently, that's great.

White Light Shields are meant to boost your spiritual vibration and purify your energy so you may see evidence of this happening after you try it.

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