Healing Hearts

Healing Hearts

When a loved one passes, it can crack you wide open, prompting you to re-examine the meaning of life and question the finality of death. My daughter's unexpected passing left me shattered, my life in shambles. I had not met her for I was 25 weeks pregnant with her. 

The day I found out I was pregnant I had dreams of what my baby would look like, how he/she would fit in with the world, how I would adore her with unconditional love, would she have my eyes or her dad's nose—and suddenly, all of that was gone.

I waited two days to be induced into labor. An array of emotions, sadness, guilt, grief, anger and despair were all running through every fibre of my being. When she finally arrived, I looked at my lifeless child. But within I knew that this would not be the only time I saw my child ....

When I went to the funeral home to pick out my daughter's urn, I was in a state of shock and grief. A close friend of mine accompanied me and helped me through this decision making process. When it came to the selection of her urn, I could not make a decision. Then one in particular caught my eye. As I examined it, the marble appeared to have an odd natural design. I saw was appeared to be a pregnant woman holding her belly and above what looked like the sun with a smile on it's face. This was a sign and this is the one I chose.

My daughter in spirit guided me to this .

When a loved one dies, it’s hard to know how to grieve. Are we grieving a finality?  Some people believe that death is the end. Lights out. Six feet under.  Many people think they can’t physically see it, touch it, or test it, it doesn’t exist. So, after my daughter passed, I found myself not knowing how to grieve. I struggled with the belief system in which I grew up in, and how I knew that there was more to life than this physical dimension.

Since I was a little girl I've always had experiences with the spirit world, many things I simply could not explain. During the passing of my daughter things became much more clear, and what I had instinctively knew all along had now been confirmed.

I would see her clairvoyantly and she would speak to me. I knew that my daughter, who never took a breath on this earth plane, was still very much alive and healthy in the spirit world.

When we understand that death is not the end, but the beginning of a new type of relationship we can create together, a new spiritual doorway opens, and it can be quite magical!

Our Spirit loved ones try to get our attention in many ways: They communicate through dreams and synchronicities. They may send us a hummingbird, a rainbow, or a butterfly, they may play with the electricity in our homes, or leave us coins or feathers.  Because we are grieving their physical loss, we often have our blinders on, and don’t recognize these signs of communication.  But as we come to realize that the song playing on the radio, or the series of numbers we see in repetition, are actually signs from the spirit world, we begin to develop a greater awareness of our loved one’s presence and a knowningness that they are still very much around.

Another aspect of grief we experience is dealing with the “would have’s, could have’s, and should have’s”:  What if I had taken my loved one to a better doctor, or tried a different treatment, or had been there to save them?  Or, what if I could have given them one more hug, or said “I love you” one more time!  Unspoken words, unfinished deeds, and feelings of guilt can prolong our grief.

Know that your loved ones are alive and well. They continue to live joyful, productive lives beyond this physical realm. They can see you and hear you. They know your thoughts and feelings. They are aware of everything that has happened in your life since their physical passing. And you can continue to be in relationship with them on the Other Side. Together, you can continue to heal old wounds, guilt, and grief. Know that they are happy and want you to live a joy-filled life too.

Love Never Dies.

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